Monday, February 28, 2011

Other benches

Here are some of the other benches I made at the end of last year. This is from a Jenny Lind bed and turned out fantastic.
While I was working on this bench I called it big Bertha. It was the heaviest bench I've ever made. It was a custom bench for Gary's Garage. My client wanted the cushion to be black and white checked which would have looked amazing, but I couldn't find a check in heavy duty fabric that would have withstood the wear.
This is a cream bench that had delicate flowers on the back of the bench (I couldn't find a close up of this bench) that I added green paint in the crevasses to make it stand out.
This is a cute bench for smaller spaces. And I loved the stripped fabric.
This one is kind of hard to see. It has spindle sides with great curves. And I really like this fabric.
And this bench is the only bench I made last year that did not sell. So it's currently in storage waiting for the perfect buyer.
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Friday, February 25, 2011

Headboard Benches

I started out making benches out of headboards a couple of years ago.
I made this bench out of headboard that belonged to my grandmother.

And any headboard I could find. Then last year I graduated to using headboard/footboards.

This is probably my very favorite bench. It turned out beautifully. (Sorry about the black car behind the black bench, but I couldn't find any better picture of it.) And it sold within 15 minutes of setting it out.
From September to December of last year I made and sold 12 of them. I was busy.
My mother graciously agreed to make the cushions for me. And has made 10 others for me out of various fabrics. Thanks Mom! But my favorite is the red floral.
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