Saturday, August 20, 2011

Solid back storage headboard bench....

Hi Everyone!  I just wanted to show you what I was working on this past week out in the shop.  This is a headboard/footboard that I picked up last spring at my favorite used furniture shop.  It's about an hour and twenty minute drive away, but I have never been disappointed.  I have always been able to pick up headboards.  It's in a town close to where my dad grew up so the owner knows my family and once he found out what I was looking for, he doesn't pass them up when he goes to auctions.  I wasn't real sure about this one when I bought it, but now I'm really happy that I did.

Since it's a completely solid footboard it was just begging to become a bench with storage.
I added the center supports but made sure to turn the 2x4's on their side so that they wouldn't take up too much room.

And here it is with it's plywood seat/storage top.  I have to face the edge of the plywood and add the hardware to the inside.  Normally I use piano hinges but since there are two center supports I'll either have to use several small piano hinges or a different style of hinge.  I also add a lid support that keeps it from slamming shut which works great on toy boxes with little fingers.  The last thing you want is someone getting hurt.  Now the fun begins.  Painting and decorating it.  I'm envisioning it in white or cream with some sort of artsy sign across the back that dips down onto the seat.  Maybe a tree limb with leaves...I have to think on it a bit more.  But I'll definitely show you the finished product.  Well, thanks for stopping by.


  1. This is looking great. Reminds me of a church pew!

  2. I can't wait to see how you finish it!!!!LOVE IT!

  3. Great job Holly! I haven't made a storage bench yet, but maybe some day. :)
    I like the idea of the design going down onto the seat.

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