Monday, August 3, 2015

Over-sized Produce Sign...

Hi Everyone!  I had a request from a client to create my Fresh Produce sign that is normally 5 1/2" x 24" on a much larger scale....

It is 7 1/4" x 60".   I'm really liking it on the large scale.  I just might have to add one this size to my Etsy Shop!  And maybe make some of my other signs on the larger size (maybe not quite this large).

Here's what it normally looks like, only not in red (this was a custom order).  It's usually more like this....
I'll have to see what the other signs look like on a larger scale.  Do you have any signs in your house that are over-sized?  Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

A bench, crates and work exchange...

Hi Everyone!  I was going through my project pictures and came across pictures of a custom order bench and crates that my friend Heather requested.  We traded work for work.  I made her this bench and crates and she painted a windmill picture for me.
I made the bench and crates to sit under one of the headboard shelves that I made for Heather.  I took the pictures before I added the casters to the crates.
I made the legs out of 1x12" recycled pine boards that came out of my farmhouse pantry that I saved when I turned the pantry into my laundry room.  The boards had been in the pantry since the 1950's when my grandpa enclosed the porch and turned it into the pantry.
The top of the bench is made out of recycled 1x8" boards.  The bench was painted with a base coat of black and top coat of Annie Sloan Old White Chalk Paint and sanded and waxed.  The crates were just painted Old White.
And this is the painting that Heather did for me in our exchange.  I'd say I definitely got the better end of this deal!  Didn't Heather do an amazing job on this windmill!!  I sent her a picture of what I wanted and it's even better than the picture!  Thanks Heather!

I'm working on some new pieces but they're coming along kind of slowly.  I've also been working on some custom orders and painting walls for my mom.  I hope to have an open house later this month and the plan is to announce dates for the rest of the year, so stay tuned for more.  Thanks for stopping by!