Monday, February 28, 2011

Other benches

Here are some of the other benches I made at the end of last year. This is from a Jenny Lind bed and turned out fantastic.
While I was working on this bench I called it big Bertha. It was the heaviest bench I've ever made. It was a custom bench for Gary's Garage. My client wanted the cushion to be black and white checked which would have looked amazing, but I couldn't find a check in heavy duty fabric that would have withstood the wear.
This is a cream bench that had delicate flowers on the back of the bench (I couldn't find a close up of this bench) that I added green paint in the crevasses to make it stand out.
This is a cute bench for smaller spaces. And I loved the stripped fabric.
This one is kind of hard to see. It has spindle sides with great curves. And I really like this fabric.
And this bench is the only bench I made last year that did not sell. So it's currently in storage waiting for the perfect buyer.
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  1. You KNOW how much I love headboard benches! My hb bench tutorial is one of my top searches! :)
    great job! I haven't made one since last spring... you got me itching to do another one. I have TONS of bed parts in stock!