Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Interrupting the regularly scheduled post...

Hi Everyone!  I hope you are having a  nice Wednesday.  We've had a heat wave here the last couple of days which turned into high humidity and now it's pouring rain.  We've had hail and now thunderstorms.  And a good chance for some really severe weather.  I hate thunderstorms.  The lightening and thunder which is going on right now.  And I especially hate the wind and tornado's. 

There has been some work going on at the farm and thank goodness they finished this big terrace project before the rain came.  Too bad the weather didn't hold so the soybeans could be planted, but we did need some rain.  Just not the rest of it.  You see that really dark soil at the top of the picture, that's a new terrace which will be planted with grass seed and will look like the two rows of green in the middle of the picture.  I live on a hill and the farm ground sits where there are lots of hills that have been contoured and terraced and tiled so that the ground can be planted.  The terracing holds back the soil when it rains and is tiled to drain the water away.  And we needed some more terraces. 

Now the new terraces will need to be seeded.  Too bad the rain didn't hold off for that, so hopefully we won't have too much rain.  We also had a waterway worked on and the corner of the dam that had given away with the flooding that happened a couple of years.  I'll get back to sharing projects soon.  Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. ohhh, how I hate thunderstorms. I've been in the basement more this year than ever before.
    Too much rain and bad weather. Today, heat index of 94. I knocked off about 4 pm. Couldn't stand it any longer.

    Hopefully I can get another coat of paint on a bench tomorrow, and somehow frame a mirror for a halltree.
    good luck with the weather and the planting!