Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The ironing board companion piece...

Hi Everyone!  Happy Wednesday!  Do you remember the wedding dress art I did on the antique ironing board? 
Well, I decided to do a companion piece to go along with the wedding dress.  I found an antique ironing board without legs for $5 at the local antique shop.  Sorry I forgot to take a picture of just the board before I started working on it.
 I drew this tux onto the board free hand and then painted it.  In this picture it looks blue, but I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Graphite so it's actually grey.  I did the details in black.  Then added Tailor to the top.

 I used the same logo on this one as I did on the wedding dress but didn't get a close up of it.  Then I waxed the whole board in dark wax.  Here is the logo from the wedding dress ironing board.

And here they are together at the Craft Fair.  Sorry for the bad picture.  We were in a hurry to get some pictures snapped and I didn't get more than one picture of anything.
Well, thanks for stopping by.

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