Friday, December 16, 2011

More headboards....

Hi Everyone!  Happy Friday!  Well the weekend is almost here.  I wanted to show you the set of headboards that my Uncle Bill got for me.  It's a matching set of twin headboards and footboards.
This picture shows just the headboards.
This one has all four in it.  He got them from a guy that runs a local auction house.  He got all of them for $30.  Which is $7.50 each.  Not too bad! 
Notice the rolled edge of the center piece on the two footboards.  That exact same thing is on the headboards.  I think they are going to make great benches.  I can hardly wait to start building.  As soon as our Christmas company heads home, I need to start working on getting things made for the craft fair that I've decided to attend this Spring.  Normally I don't have a booth in the Spring, but I'm going to give a whirl and see how well I do.  But that means I only have three months to get everything done which sounds like a lot of time, but it all depends on the weather.  Have a great weekend everyone!  Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. yay! can't wait to see your benches! :) I'm itching to build something.