Thursday, November 1, 2012

Added storage...

Hi Everyone!  Happy November.  I can't believe it's November already.  Where has the time gone.  Fair season is over and my motivation is low.  I still have orders coming in and lots of work to do, but I'm finding it difficult to work.  Maybe it's the long nights of work leading up to the fair or the fact that I've been working on getting ready for the fairs since June.  One of these days my motivation will return to me...anybody have any ideas on how to get re-motivated?

Do you remember this bench that I took to the fair in April?  Well, it didn't sell and I took it home with me.  I decided that it needed storage.  So about a month before this last fair I added storage to it.
Here it is at the fair in April.  The trick was adding the storage without having to repaint the entire bench.
I started by removing the seat and turning it upside down on my rolling bench cart.  After I decided how I was going to add storage to it without changing the way it looked, I took measurements and started cutting boards down to size.
I added additional cross supports for the the bottom to attach to without having to drill directly through the front board with the saying on it.
Here it is with the bottom of the storage attached and the back board in place.  The only part that needs to be painted.
I had to mix up the paint to match the existing paint but only enough for the back side.
The storage isn't deep, but it's enough to store mittens, hats and scarves.
Then I added the hinges and the safety arm braces so it doesn't slam shut on little fingers.
It still looks like the exact same bench but now it has a little bit of storage in it.
This is the best picture I have of it at the Clarinda Craft Carnival.  And thank goodness it sold.  I think adding storage to it helped to make the sale.  And I didn't have to bring it home.  I did have to bring two benches home but I sold one of them this past weekend.  My friend Brenda helped me deliver it on Tuesday to it's new home.  So that just leaves one.  And I'm okay with that.  I need to move it into the studio this weekend.  I have an order for a twin bench with storage to work on...thank goodness my client isn't in the hurry for it and I have some time to get motivated again.  Thanks for stopping by.


  1. thanks for showing how you added storage to an existing bench!
    you're my hero! lol I have only made the toy box bench with storage. I'm so cheap, I hate to invest the additional lumber.
    as for the motivation.... REST up! Then sign on to pinterest! You will be inspired and motivated.


  2. You know it never even occurred to me to add storage to my headboard bench until I saw what you do ;)the next one for sure. As for motivation it will come back you just need a break. It's funny how that works I was so unmotivated recently then all the sudden it came back and BAM I'm full of motivation.

  3. The storage yes, is an added bonus. We used our bench for all the little mittens and hats when the kids were small. Now it holds big mittens and hats.


  4. Your carpentry skills never cease to amaze me Holly.
    I think everyone is right and that you need a little break. I am sure this is difficult because you seem to work so hard. Perhaps a day off, a little retail therapy, somewhere you haven't been before - some great big fair or flea market !

  5. You one amazingly talented woman. Love that you added some storage. It was a great bench anyways but with the storage, it makes it dual purpose and I love dual purpose. Great job and congratulations on your sale!

  6. What a great idea to add storage...and even better to be able to actually do it!! I'm super-impressed!It looks fab!


  7. How clever of you! Sometimes it just takes a little bit of tweaking to get something moving. Love the look of your bench.

  8. I have the headboard/footboard of my parents, two sets. I can not wait to try this. My daughter does not trust me with the saw :), but she will do that part. My plan is to make one for each of my daughters so they will have something from their grandparents. Adding the storage guarantees they will keep and use them.