Monday, March 11, 2013

The big reveal...

Hi Everyone!  Well, it's time for the big reveal.  My parents came out to the farm for a visit yesterday.  It's so good to have them home!  And I shared with them what I've been doing since they left for Florida.  It has been so hard to not share it with you sooner, but I wanted them to be the first to see it.
Welcome to Full Circle Creations Studio and Shop

It all started last July when I changed my living room from the addition to the original living room of the farmhouse and created my studio.  I shared a little of it with you but I never shared an after picture.  By the time I finished it I was busy getting ready for fair season so I went directly into production mode without ever taking an after picture. When I shared it with my parents, it was the same weekend my brother, his family and my Marine nephew and his fiance were here.  But I was never happy with the fact that the front door opened directly into the living room and then you had to walk into the studio.  And my mom and I had talked about having open houses in the studio.
Looking from the front door, through the store and into the studio.

Fast forward to December when I was thinking about transforming the detached garage into a store.  It's directly in front of the big red barn so it would be like having a barn sale without moving out all the hay or equipment.  I started cleaning out the garage which was built in 1939 and has a small loft in it.  And as I was cleaning it out, I took a good look around and there was more work to do to it than I was anticipating.  I still plan on transforming it but it will take a while.  So the push to try to get it done by spring is gone...I can take my time. 
The Studio as it was today.  There's some organizing that needs to be done!

So in the mean time, what to do.  After a day of thinking....I decided why not transform the living room (or what my grandparents called the front room) into shop space.  This farmhouse was built in the 1880's and had an open concept floor plan.  In the original house there are three archways.  Two that are smaller and one that spans the length of the small room that the front room and kitchen are connected to and that leads to the bathroom which was added in the mid 60's.  I moved the living room to that small room and closed off two of those archways. 
Archway doors that lead to the kitchen.
 I built doors that open in the small archway into the kitchen and faux doors (although I still have a little work to do on them) in the long archway that won't actually open.  Nothing is permanent so they can all come down when and if I want them down.  But this way, I have separated the spaces into business and living space.  I can close the doors to the business and walk away from it when I'm finished.
Faux doors.  The living room is on the other side.
 I moved the kitchen island I installed a year ago and cut down the top I built and have installed it in between the studio and the store.  I have extra storage for supplies and a place designated as a sales counter space, a long with a space for tissue paper and bags.
Sales Counter with doors and drawers on the other side.
 I have more to share with you, but this post is already super long and I'm afraid I've probably lost you.  I will show you some before pictures and share some additional things I've done and what I have left to do. But I will tell you that my parents were really happy with what I've done so far and had some really great ideas on things to do next.  And I've enlisted help from my mom in the store and my dad on the outside of the house.  Thanks folks!  I wouldn't be able to do this without your help and support.  So that's what I've been up to.  And as always, thanks for stopping by.


  1. WOW. You have created such an adorable shoppe. It's open, professional and inviting. I am sure your parents were impressed. I know I am.

  2. Oh, wow! That's so much more than I thought you were doing ;-) Great idea for the doors, and everything looks so fun and inviting.

  3. Holly, how very smart and creative you are! You must surely be worn out from all that planning and work. Your parents had good reason to be impressed and proud of what you've done there. Now you can relax when the shop is "closed" for the day, and it really does look fabulous! May your newly re-purposed space be blessed with peace and prosperity.

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words! There is still a lot to do but it's off to a good start and now that my parents are home, I'll have some help getting it ready to go. Mom's already working on a project for it. More to come! :)

  4. Totally not where I thought you were moving too! You fooled me, I for sure thought I was walking out to the garage turned studio. You trickster! Your doors are awesome and what a great way to solve the needs for the studio.

    What did mom and dad say?


  5. WOMAN...words fail me! I was so disoriented when I first looked at the pics, but now I see what you did. Amazing Holly! Where do you hang out and watch TV? - if you actually ever have time for that! Did you move your furniture into that eat-in space in the kitchen? I assume that you now use the kitchen entry porch as your main entry, which come to think of it, you probably already did before. Are the dogs confused?!! This is just so very cool! Can't wait to see more.

  6. You space looks great Holly! How awesome to have a organized a pretty space. I love the doors and the counter!

  7. It's sooo spacious! What an awesome studio you're making Holly! So happy for you! I'm so glad we finally got to see pics!
    You did a nice job on those doors, can't wait till you talk about those!


  8. Awesome! Looks like a lot of work, but a labour of love I am guessing. :)

  9. Wow, this is amazing Holly. I remember thinking that we'd never seen the after shots, when you talked about doing this last year. I am so impressed, the shop and studio look wonderful, and what an amazing space to work in !