Sunday, March 3, 2013

Recent finds...

Hi Everyone!  Today I thought I'd share some recent finds with you....My friend Lynett rescued this headboard and foot board from the roadside for me....Thanks so much Lynett!
 A couple of weekends ago, I had my first Saturday off that didn't involve a holiday or a craft fair... I did a little shopping at a couple of junk places and came home with this antique dresser...
....I just love these legs with the casters!....
 ...I also found 15 pint jars...
 ...for a $1.00 each...
  ...and at another place, I found these.  The two half gallon jars are clear with the slightest hint of pink to them.  It was a nice little outing and the perfect way to commemorate not having to work on Saturdays anymore.  What have you found recently?  Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Jars with their old lids, I don't see that often around here. And the last time I did I didn't buy them. Bad Bliss.


  2. Love the dresser, and the bottles! Yesterday I came home with a great wooden tool box--can't decide if it needs a little paint or not!

  3. You found some GREAT things. Glad you enjoyed a Saturday off by going out thrifting! You work too hard not to enjoy an occasional Saturday :)

  4. You have found some really great things there!

  5. fun stuff holly! LOVE the chest of drawers... so pretty! and who doesn't need another bed? :)