Friday, September 20, 2013

A rolling cart...

Hi Everyone!  Today I thought I'd show you what I made this past Sunday.  Despite the fact that I had a list of items I needed to finish for the fair this weekend, I decided to take a stack of lumber and build a rolling cart.  I started it on Sunday and finished it on Monday.  I don't have any before shots because it was just a stack of lumber.  And I don't have any in process shots because I was trying to get this done quickly.
 For this one I actually drew up plans and had what my measurements were going to be (I usually just wing it as I go) because I was trying to get this done quickly.  I used 2x4"s for the frame and 1x8"s and 1x4"s for the top and shelves. 
 I painted the base a pretty leaf green color and stained the top with my favorite custom dark brown stain.
 I added wheels with brakes to it.
It could be used as a kitchen island, a bar cart, a storage cart, a media center...there are so many possibilities for it.  I will be taking this to the fair this weekend.  I debated on the color for a long time and whether I should distress the finish but decided against it.  What would you have painted?  And what would you use it for?  Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. I like this a lot! Everything on wheels is just a little bit better ;-) Love the green!

  2. As soon as I saw it I thought 'island'. I'm sure someone's going to snap that up !

  3. I love when you put stained tops on painted projects.

  4. I need something like that for my shop... just never take the time to build something. RIght now I'm using an old computer stand. hahahaha
    great job Holly!

  5. Nice cart, I like the colour combination you chose.