Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Paintings from the Open House...

Hi Everyone!  So much to do and so little know how it is.  I've started working on custom orders and items to take to Clarinda in less than three weeks but thought I'd stop in and show you a few more pictures from my Open House.
 If you've seen any of the pictures from my Open House, you would have seen the paintings on display by my friend Heather.  I thought I'd show them to you up close.
 This one is called "Wind power."
 This one is called "Field of Hay."
This one is called "Early Morning Hay."
This one is called "Sunflower."
This one is called "Wine." 
I don't know what this one is called.  Heather decided to give it away in a drawing and I never learned what the name of it was.  Unfortunately, none of her other paintings sold.  So if you see any that you like, contact me for details as they are still available.

Except for this one....
.....this one is mine.  We traded work...she wanted some things built, which I did back in April and she painted this for me.  Isn't it fabulous!  I love it and have it hanging in my living room.  I think I got the better deal in this trade!  Thanks Heather!  And thanks for stopping by!


  1. What fabulous artwork by your friend, Heather! I love to drive by fields of baled hay and her depictions are wonderful! Your open house must have been a great event with the works both you talented gals!

  2. Holly! You are so talented. Those paintings are beautiful.

  3. where are you? hope all is well...