Friday, August 19, 2011

Storm damage....

Hi Everyone!  Well, it sure has been an interesting summer.  Last night we had two waves of storms come through the area.  We had 60+ mph wind and sideways rain.  In the first wave I lost the walnut tree and part of the fence row.  And one of the gravity gas tanks was blown over.  Thank goodness it was the one that was empty, otherwise we'd have had a real mess on our hands.

In the second wave I lost the really old, really big cotton tree in the pasture.  And the top part of the maple tree.  Luckily it did not damage the garage.  It did "kiss" the corner of the roof and only dented the the corner of the metal roof.

We have a lot of clean up to do but we were very lucky.  On my way to town I saw that my neighbor's garage was totally destroyed and the top of my other neighbor's chimney was knocked off along with countless tree limbs.  Crops have been destroyed.  In places the corn and soybeans are lying down.  In others the corn has been stripped of it's leaves or ears of corn.  With all the flooding we've had of the Missouri river around here, we certainly didn't need this.  But thank goodness it wasn't worse than this.  I lost some shingles off of my roof and the flat roof over the back porch and pantry is leaking a bit, but that's nothing compared to what it could have been.  It always amazes me following each storm that this house that was built in the 1880's and added onto in the 1960's and sits on top of a hill, manages to weather the storms and keep standing.  Thank goodness!  I'll keep counting my blessings!  Now the clean up begins.  I hope you have a great day today!  Thanks for stopping by.

*Update:  At 11:00 this morning, my dear brother arrived after a 6 1/2 hr drive from Illinois so he could help with the clean up and get my roof fixed.  I spoke with him at 7 AM and he didn't tell me he was already on the road.  We also discovered that a wind block in the corral was blown down and the light in the corral is leaning forward, more than usual.  When I got home for lunch, they had already moved a lot of the tree limbs by my garage.  So here's to big brothers that come to the rescue!!  Thanks David!


  1. I'm sorry about your bad luck, but grateful with you that the damage wasn't worse. Stay safe!

  2. Oh man! that's awful, but I'm so glad it wasn't worse.
    How sweet of your brother to come to the rescue!
    try to have a good weekend Holly.