Friday, March 16, 2012

More headboards....

Hi Everyone!  Happy Weekend!  Do you have anything fun planned for this weekend?  I of course have to work tomorrow morning and then I need to get ready for the return of the snowbirds!  And I don't mean the feathery kind.  I'm talking about my parents.  They are coming home from Florida.  In fact, they are part way home as I write this.
Ridge with his girlfriend Rachel
They will of course be stopping tomorrow to spend the afternoon and evening with my nephew Ridge (he's on leave from the Marines) and my brother and his family will be driving down so they will all get to spend some time together before Ridge goes on to more training.  So I will be opening their home and getting ready for their arrival Sunday evening.  Which also means that I must give back my dad's truck.  Oh what fun I've had driving it!

I have to show you what I picked up today on my lunch half hour.  I ran home to let the dogs out for their mid-day potty break.  And on my way back I was going to go to the bank.  But I drove by this place that I refer to as the junk place.  It's an on going garage sale and you really have to dig through the junk to find something good.  When they are open they put furniture outside and sometimes leave it out even when the weather is bad.  So I was driving by and spotted some "new" headboards.  Not really new, but ones that haven't been sitting out in the bad weather.  So I stopped.
 And look at what I got!
 This one is missing the top to one of the posts but I think I can still make it work.
And this little pair is adorable!  He said they were shipped over from England, but I think that might just be in his imagination. 

 The set even came with the rails!
 So what would you pay for all of this?  I paid $10 for all of it.  Do you think I got a good deal?  I sure do!  Now, what should I make?  I can of course see benches.  But I can also see several other things.  What would you make?  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. You got a GREAT deal! You're going to be one busy lady!

  2. That is a screamin deal, dotcha love it when that happens! Can't wait to see what you do with them.