Thursday, March 22, 2012

Random things....

Hi Everyone!  Normally I spend each evening working on projects to add to my inventory.  Last night I did not.  I got caught up on a few things, read some blogs and pulled together supplies for the projects I would work on tonight, so I have no new projects to share with you.  I have some finished things that I could hurry up and write a post for, but I've decided to wait and do those this weekend.  Instead, I'm going to show you one of the things my mother got for me while they were away.  And I'm going to show you a couple of things I'm currently working on.
 Don't you just those this little metal truck?  I do.  Although I wish it was full size!  I can just see myself heading down the road in this.  Thanks Mom!
 Here's a door I'm working on.  It's an antique door to a cupboard that was in one of Aunt Barb's rental houses.  She wanted me to have the whole cupboard but it was too big and too heavy for them to move so instead I got the two doors.  I've painted in ASCP in Old White.  And I have sanded it....but now I'm not sure what direction to go with it.  I can turn it into a sign, but what do I put on it.  Any thoughts?
This is a piece of antique baseboard.  I filled some nail holes and sanded it.  I painted it with white acrylic paint and have sanded it.  But again, that's where I got stuck.  I'm just not sure where to go from here.  I can put pegs on it or I can turn it into a sign.  It's just not speaking to me.  Again, any thoughts?
Or maybe we should just go for a ride in the truck.  Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Hey! I really do love that little truck. I am drawn to that color lately. Emily has a vanity in her room that is done in a very similar color. Really great find!

    Talk soon!


  2. Love the vintage metal truck. I am collecting vintage Canadian Tire (it is a big box hardware store here in Canada) model trucks for my son. Love your finished look on the baseboards, you could add a few vintage hooks on it and make it into a rack of sorts. Diane

  3. OOOH I love that door! I think you should keep it a door and build a small simple pie safe type cabinet to put it on. Funny I have been wanting to make a small cabinet like that to sell and I just need your door ;) It would also make a great sign as well. That truck is adorable too!

  4. The truck... yes.... filled with treasures flying down the interstate....


  5. I love old trucks and the color yellow, so I am coveting your little truck!