Thursday, May 24, 2012

Custom bench and trio of paintings...

Hi Everyone!  Happy Thursday!  I had a really good couple of days.  Tuesday I finished the bench for my co-worker Shane.  I finished the trio of paintings for my client and sent her the pics of them and she loved them.  I finished the two custom signs for my friend and client that runs a daycare, I'm just waiting for the sealer to cure so I can send them to her.  I sold a sign in my Etsy shop today so I had to make two trips to the post office, YEAH!  And I got to talk with a dear friend of mine  last night on the phone.  He called to check on my dad!  So it was a good couple of days.
 This is what Shane's bench ended up looking like.  He gave me specific instructions as to the size and style and then left the rest to me.
 I took this before I finished sanding, as you can see the light spots where I filled the nail holes.  I used wooden buttons to cover the screws which I think gives it a nice finished look.
 It will look better once it's been stained.  But Shane is going to have that pleasure.  If it were me, I would paint it and put a cushion on the seat, but that's just me.  He has two young kids so a cushion probably isn't practical.
Shane hasn't seen it yet.  I told him yesterday at work that it was finished, but it was just too windy to haul it to town, especially with the threat of storms.  So maybe he can get it tonight but definitely this weekend.  I need the room in the shop.  I have an order for another headboard bench to get started on.
And here are a few pictures of the trio of paintings I did for a client.  She saw the post of the craft fair wrap up (where they looked yellowish) and emailed me about those paintings.  My dad sold them at the fair and she asked me to make another set.  And here they are.
 I almost like them better than the original set.
 I think they would look good with a background of barn red.....
 ...maybe I'll make that set for myself.
And last night I started working on another painting....hopefully I'll be able to share that with you tomorrow...hopefully.  Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Love your latest projects! Glad you're having a productive time.

  2. Cute paintings...perfect for a daycare or a home!

  3. Excellent job on the bench, no doubt your co-worker is going to love it! I agree, some cushions would look awesome. Love the paintings...very summer. Diane

  4. Great bench! That sucker looks heavy! It would looks great painted and all loaded up with pillows. The trio of paintings is so sweet, the dandelion is my favorite!

  5. I think the original paintings were the ones that drew me to your blog - the new set are just as lovely, if not better (like you said).
    I'm also always amazed at your woodworking skills - great bench Holly.
    I would paint it too !

  6. You've been busy. I'm trying to figure out why your feeds are not coming to my email.


  7. You stay so busy Holly! :)

    great bench, and the paintings look so pretty.

    Be sure to have Shane take some pics after he finishes up the staining on the bench, k?