Thursday, May 3, 2012

Results of tests....

Hi Everyone!  I hope your week has been going well.  I have missed reading what you are all up to and I can't wait until I have time to sit down and read what you've been up to.  So....I only have a few minutes, I need to head into work tonight and do payroll because I will not be at work tomorrow.  The results of my dad's test were not great but not terrible either.

His stress test came back as abnormal.  They told us that the cardiologist would not clear him for surgery on Tuesday.  They told me this while my dad was getting his MRI.  They said he needed to have an ECHO cardiogram and the earliest they could fit him in was next Wednesday.  Once he came out of the procedure, we (my mom and I told my dad).  It was sort of devastating because my dad just wants to get this fixed.

We went back to see the surgeon's nurse and then called to see if we could find out exactly what was abnormal about the stress test from the cardiologist.  They told him to come back and they would fit him in (partly because we were a bit pushy and partly because we were still in town-it's an hour or so drive to Omaha).  And then they called my mom and I back and had decided to go a different route.  Tomorrow morning we have to be back in Omaha by 6:00 AM and they are going to go through the groin with a catheter and see what they find.  If it's blockage, they will take care of it then, but if it's something else then they will exit and regroup.  We are hoping this will take care of it so he can be cleared to have the surgery and stop the time bomb in his abdomen from rupturing.  So that's what's going on here.  Please say a prayer for my dad and I'll let you know how tomorrow goes.  Thank you so much for your emails, comments, prayers and concern.  You have no idea how much it means to me.  Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Ugh, how frustrating! Thinking of you, and praying for the best.

  2. I'm glad I read these posts out of order.... whew!