Sunday, April 28, 2013

The fair....

Hi Everyone!  It's been a long and fun weekend!  The Arbor Day Fair was this weekend.  I didn't take as much as I normally do since I'm having the Open House for my Studio in a month, but I did take a variety of items.  It was a good weekend, but not a great one. Just a warning, this post is picture heavy but I thought I'd show you what my booth looked like.
 Set up started Friday at 4pm.  Mom, Dad and I were there a little before 4 pm ready to set up and get out of there as early as we could.  This little bench was the first thing we unloaded.  Just as soon as it was set down, it was sold.  It had a twin that I brought last year to this same fair and the gal that runs the fair bought it and bought this one too.
 My little headboard turned shelf with pegs sold as soon as we set it down too....also to the same gal that bought the bench.  The two items really went well together and were the very first thing you saw as you entered the room.  I could have sold them both to at least 4 or 5 other customers.  They stayed in their spot the whole weekend and brought me several orders and a wonderful new business contact (I'll share more on that later).
 I took a couple of mirrored windows (none of them sold).
 These bead board frames were new this year and two of them sold.
 The black chicken wire frame came home with me..... did this green backless bench with storage in it and a stained top...
...and so did my bird bench...

 ...I sold a few sheet music rosette magnets...
 ...and one white and one grey crate, several of the plain pillows, several chicken wire frames, and the numbered peg sign...
 ...the foot stool was liked by a lot of customers, but came home with me as did the large window mirror... did this bench with storage that was painted with dark walnut paint (I've already decided to repaint it in Old White)....
 ...I sold a set of wooden love birds in white...but the rest came home with me...
 ...these burlap rosettes on clothes pins were also attached to the message boards, but the packaged ones didn't sell...
 ...and neither did the tree slice numbered tags...
 ...or the blank note cards...
...and neither did these hand painted it seemed like I didn't sell much, but I did okay and I'm alright with the amount of items I brought home...they will all be for sale at my Open House next month.  So now I have to replenish some of the items that sold and finish working on my studio to get it ready for the big sale.  If you happen to be in Southwest Iowa over Memorial Weekend, please feel free to stop by and say me for directions. 

I want to say a great big thank you to my parents for all of their help and support this weekend.  I couldn't have done it without you!  And now, I'm going to sit back with my feet up and rest for one evening before I start getting ready for the Open House.  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Your space looks fabulous and it's no wonder the bench and shelf sold right away. I really like those bead board frames and pillows. You just never know what's going to be a hot seller from one show to the next.

  2. I agree with Betsy, you just never know. You have/had a great variety, and that's fabulous! Any other weekend, it could have all been flipped around. I love the tree ring number tags. and of course I LOVE the benches . . . all of them. I'm shocked the bird bench didn't sell.
    You had such a great space! I'm going to be sooo cramped at my show next month. :( BUT -- for Glendale, I have two spaces!

    hope you got a good night's sleep!


  3. You had some beautiful things! It's good a few things came home with you so you won't have to wear yourself out quite so much for your open house. Can't wait to hear how that goes too!

  4. As long as some stuff sells it's a success.


  5. As the saying goes, Holly, "Nothing ventured, nothing gained." It is great that you didn't let it discourage you. I hope that the opening of your studio and shop will be a great success!

    1. Thanks so much Lynn! I'm actually kind of relieved that I still have inventory and am not killing myself to remake everything. And I'm keeping my expectations in check for the first Open House. I'm taking a chance having it Memorial Weekend (I know people will be busy with family) but they might also be looking for something to do.

  6. Your creations are wonderful. All of your benches are adorable, my favorite one is the one with the bird stenciled on it. I can't believe that it wasn't snapped up immediately too.