Sunday, June 30, 2013

Dresser in Grey...

Hi Everyone.  Today I thought I would show you the dresser I painted back before the Open House.  I picked it up from a guy that handles a lot of antiques.  It had been sitting in his warehouse forever. 
 I just love the lines of it with the rounded drawers (that open and close easily).....
 ...and the great front legs...and the fact that it still has it's original casters.  There's only two problems with it, the veneer on this side has a little damage and the fact that it has that orange glow to it.  So look away if you don't like painted wood pieces.
I painted it with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  The body is painted in Paris Grey and the top and knobs in Old White.  I painted it in the studio and then hauled it out one day to the front yard to sand it.  I took pictures of it from different angles outside but I can't seem to find them.
 I never waxed it but I might still do that.
It didn't sell at the Open House and I'm really okay with that.  Because now I get to enjoy it for a while longer.  Doesn't it just fit perfectly in that space?  Like it should stay there for ever?  And it might too.  It's another great weather day here so I'm off to the shop to build things.  I'm working on a custom order right now for some friends of mine.  Yesterday was a big build day in the shop and I hope today is just as productive.  And I hope the weather is great wherever you are.  Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. I think it's happier now:-) Great save. It's too hot to do anything outside this weekend with our 100+ temps.

  2. So, is it ok NOT to wax a piece after it's painted? I have several pieces I have painted and didn't wax and they seem to be holding up ok. But I didn't know if I was doing a "bad thing." :)

  3. Love the shape of this dresser and the fact that it's on casters, and I think the colours you chose are great. I'm surprised it didn't sell, but as you say it's nice to admire it for a bit longer.

  4. That is an interesting style of dresser. Love how it turned out!

  5. It does fit perfectly in that space, and I love the two tone look. Have you ever tried wiping ASCP off with a damp cloth instead of sanding? Cassie does that method. I've never tried it, but it would have kept you from having to haul it outside.
    Loving the look of this dresser.


  6. Ok, that really does fit in perfectly in that it should stay there forever :).

  7. Beautiful! I love how subtle the two-toned colors are!