Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Thousand year sign...

Hi Everyone!  I just wanted to show you one of the custom order signs I made recently.  It was ordered for a wedding.
It was painted with a blue undercoat and a cream top coat.....
 ....then it was sanded lightly to show the blue through the cream....
 ...and the saying was hand painted in red....
..I love this saying...and I hope the bride was happy with it...and best wishes to the happy couple.  I hope their wedding day and life together is wonderful.  Thank you for letting my sign (and therefore me) be apart of it.   Thanks for stopping by.


  1. This is such a sweet phrase. Is it going to be a gift or part of the wedding décor? What do you use to cut your stencils or transfer your lettering to your sign? I am just full of questions tonight.

  2. sooo sweet! I have a favorite saying around here... but not suitable for this comment. hehehe

    great sign Holly!

  3. What a sweet philosophy about how you are a part of such a happy day with your custom order. I love that. The sign is beautiful and the saying is so sweet and romantic.