Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Recent finds...

Hi Everyone!  I thought I'd share some recent finds with you.  My dear, sweet friend Lynett picked up some items for me while she was out thrifting!  Each time she came across something she thought I'd like or could use she'd call or email me about them.  And I finally had a chance to meet up with her to get most of the items she'd picked up for me.  She also has two headboards for me, but they wouldn't fit in her car...I'll get those at the fair next month. 

This is what she picked up for....
 I just love this stool!  When Lynett sent me the picture, I said "Uh, Yes Please!"
 It's in perfect condition....and I can't wait to add a bit of color to it!
 And she picked up these 10 mason jars...3 half gallon and 7 quart jars for $8.00.
Then she called to ask if I still wanted yardsticks.  She was at a garage sale where there were a bunch of she got them all for me.....all 21 of them!  Now I have about 40 of them...I think it's time to make something with them!  Thanks so much Lynett!  I have great friends and family that keep a look out for things I might be able to use.  But before I can do anything with those yardsticks, I need to finish the two custom orders I'm currently working on and then I HAVE to get BUSY finishing up items for the fair next month.  It's a month away!  Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Definite score! on the goods. Those big jars are an excellent find.

  2. NO WAY! What great finds. You are so lucky everyone is always keeping an eye open for you when thrifting!

  3. my "The Old Reader" is really messed up. I read blogs earlier today, and yours didn't come up. then suddenly tonight, there is this post... crazy!

    yardsticks? I came across some a couple of weeks ago, but they wanted a few bucks each... so I passed on them.

    headboards? you need another headboard, like I do. hahahaha

    good stuff Holly, what has Aunt Barb picked up for you lately? ;)

  4. Wow, she found you some great stuff. You don't really see many yard sticks or mason jars over here, but I just love them !

  5. Excellent finds. Loving that stool, can't wait until you add your Holly to it! :) Let's of great things can be done with vintage yard sticks, let's see what you come up with!

  6. What sweet treasures! esp those jars. I need to go yard sailing but can't make myself get up early enough - that's when all the good stuff gets gone ;-)