Thursday, August 8, 2013

Custom Desk...

Hi Everyone!  I am finally finished with the custom order desk that I've been working on forever!  I got a lot done on it, then had to walk away from it for a while, worked on it some more, then had other orders I needed to fill and have finally finished it!  And I know my friends are anxious to get it. I shared an in progress shot about it here.  And this is what I ended up with...
 Sorry for the pictures in the shop instead of beauty shots out in the yard or on the patio.  This desk is heavy....
 ...I can move it around in the shop, but it's just too much for me to move outside on my own and the furniture movers don't work real well on gravel.  I plan on taking a couple of beauty shots of it when my friends come out to pick it up since I'll have help moving it.
 The only details for building the desk that I was given was the size, the color and that it needed two drawers.
 I decided to add a bit of color to the inside of the drawers.  I like that little bit of surprise when you open the drawer.
 I painted the insides Lagoon, the same color I used on the inside of my coffee table drawer.  It's fun and makes me smile each time I open a drawer.  I just hope my friends like it.  I could have painted them black, but then it would be like looking into a dark hole trying to find things.
 I used glides to install the drawers, making them easy to open and close.
I'm happy with the way it turned out...and hopefully my friends will be too.  Would you have added the pop of color in the drawer?  Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. I love that you added a pop of color to the inside of the drawers. It looks great. I am sure your friend will love it!

  2. How amazing!!!!!!
    And that pop of color in the drawers is just gorgeous!
    Visiting from MMS

  3. I too like doing the drawers in a contrasting colour, always gives the piece a surprise factor, I love the black and the turquoise!

  4. I love that shade of turquoise inside the drawers. It's so nice that I'd keep them opened all the time :)
    Very good idea!

    Have a nice week-end!

  5. love the bright blue against the beautiful black. great idea.
    cheers Fiona

  6. It looks terrific! Love the pop of color--what a great idea.

  7. Looks great! I love having a different color inside the drawer! Stop by my Friday's Five Features and link up this project (and others)!

  8. I really like the panel detail on the drawers and of course the pop of blue. Great Job on the build!

  9. The pop of colour is perfect, I'm sure your friends will love this desk.
    I've finally found something that I can paint black in my house, though it'll be a while before I get to it, but I just love this look !

  10. The pop of blue adds just a touch of secret pizazz! It's such a pretty shade of blue, too.

  11. As The proud owner of this desk.. I must say I to love love love the color of the inside of the drawers.. Holly you did great as i knew that you would....... Thank you so much for the desk......

    1. I'm so glad you like it Brenda! I thought you might enjoy the drawer color. It made me smile every time I opened a drawer and I hope it does you too. :)

  12. beautiful desk! I'm so happy that Brenda loves the pop of color. I know I would!

    great job Holly!

  13. Great work, very sophisticated piece of furniture.

  14. It's gorgeous! I love the color! Julia