Sunday, September 21, 2014

Yardstick console table...

Hi Everyone!  Things are in high gear at the Studio!  My to do list should be getting shorter as I cross items off but unfortunately it seems to be growing.  I keep thinking of other things I've forgotten to do.  Today I'm busy putting the majority of my supplies away (a few have to stay out so I can finish a few projects) and cleaning my house.  But today I thought I'd show you the project I finished up last weekend.  I made this yardstick console table from 100% scrap pieces and recycled items.
My friend Lynett picked up the spindles for me and I think I put them to good use.
 The boards I used for the apron came from my shelf tower of scraps.  The size of the table was determined by the scraps I had on hand.  I put it together using my Kreg Jr., glue and my trusty nail gun.
The drawer was recycled from my kitchen makeover with two new side boards and a new front that came from my scrap pile.
I sanded the whole thing and painted it black.
The top is made from a piece of scrap plywood left over from a bench seat.  I painted it black and attached it to the base.  Then I glued and nailed the yardsticks.  I didn't want to cut down the yardsticks so the top is 36" long.
I added supports at the base so I could add a shelf.
The only thing I wasn't so sure about was the drawer pull.  I wanted something unique.
I sealed the top and loved the way it brought out the colors in the yardsticks.
I love the way it looks in the studio.  I have staged it in the middle of the front the focal point when you walk in the door.
But when I took these pictures I still hadn't figured out the drawer pull.....
.....but there is a surprise when you open the favorite bold color, Lagoon.
It can be used as an entry table, a sofa table or add some hooks to the sides and wheels to the bottom and it can become a small kitchen island.  Or if you have a tall bed, it can be a bed side table.
I love the way it looks on the rug I put in the Studio.
And I finally figured out what the drawer pull needed to be...a yardstick that I cut down to size.
I really love the way it turned out.  It will be available at my Fall Open House on Friday and Saturday.  Now I need to get back to work and finish cleaning the Studio so I can get back to completing those last 20 projects that are in various stages in the shop and on my Studio table.  Have a great weekend!  Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. love the new table Holly! It doesn't get better than using up old scraps and bits and pieces!

    gotta love that Kreg Jig! :)

    good luck with the open house!