Monday, September 15, 2014

Upcoming events...

Hi Everyone!  It's that time of year time.  In the past I've packed up a trailer load of items and headed out to a fair across the river in Nebraska, but this year I'm not packing anything up because I'm having a Fall Open House at the Studio instead!  The date has been set, over 400 flyers have gone out and the ad is ready to run in the newspaper beginning this weekend.
So if you are in the Southwest Iowa area I will be having my Fall Open House on Friday, September 26th 9 am to 5 pm and Saturday, September 27th 9 am to 4 pm.  Contact me for more information.
I haven't done any shows this year because I've been working on the remodel of my house but I have been working on custom orders and inventory for the upcoming shows since the middle of July.  I'll get back to working on my house this winter.
I have a lot of new things to share and can't wait to share them with you now that my Internet is back up and running.  Thanks for stopping.

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  1. I wish I were going to be in the area. I'd love to walk around and see what you've created in person. Love this decorated rake. This is the kind of "wreath" I'd love to make.