Friday, September 19, 2014

High Chair...

Hi Everyone!  One week until my Fall Open House and preparations are underway.  Last night I spent some time decorating my front porch which leads directly into my Studio.  Last year my friend Lynett picked up this Jenny Lind high chair which was in perfect condition but needed a facelift.  I removed the safety straps (but I still have them and they can be reattached) and gave it a couple of coats of Heirloom White paint.
I had in invisioned it as a high chair for a little girl to use with her dolls but then decided to use it as a unique display piece.
I added three small pots of mums in an antique kettle.  I removed the tray (it is propped up by the chair and wall.  Then added a couple of grapevine trees and a few pumpkins.
I think I need to add a few more pumpkins and the welcome sign I'm working on.
I wish it had fit into the corner but it stuck out too far....I can live with it this way.
What would you have done with it?  It will be available next weekend at my open house.   The big push is on to get the Studio set up this weekend and finish the last few projects.  My mom is coming over on Sunday to help me out and give it the Mom-Seal-of-Approval!  What are you doing this weekend?  Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. mom seal of approval! hahahaha

    I like what you did with the high chair, but I may have cut the legs off to make if for dolls (kid sized)

    wishing you so much luck and great weather for your open house!