Thursday, October 4, 2012

Christmas ornaments....

Hi Everyone!  I hope your week is going well.  I took yesterday afternoon off and worked on getting things ready for the craft fair in a couple of weeks.  I worked on a new bench to take to the fair but I'm not completely done with it.  So I thought I'd show you one of the things I worked on this past weekend....Christmas Ornaments.
I made 50 red mitten ornaments.
Here are all 50 of them drying after their first coat of red spray paint.
Yes, I sprayed these on my bench outside...the bench needed repainted anyway.
I gave them two coats of paint, front and back.  Then I drilled the hole for the hanger.
I hand painted the details in white paint.  I think it looks like an old-fashioned knitted mitten.
Then I used red and white Baker's twine as the hanger.
 Here it is on a decorated tree that I'm getting ready to take to the fair in a  couple of weeks.  

The forest of trees in growing in the studio.  
I know it's just fall, but I've been getting Christmas items ready since July.  
Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. maybe that's what my charlie brown trees need. I've just been working on decorating them...having a hard time with them. :(

    I need to drill a hole larger for the one I'm working on now, but I took a bunch of tools over to my nephew's house.
    can't wait to see more pics so I can see what I'm doing wrong.
    love the mittens!

  2. I love decorating trees with mittens!
    They remind me of my childhood winters in Iowa!

  3. I love Christmas decorations! It's a tradition in my family that everyone gets an ornament each year. I have labeled ornaments from 20 years ago!

  4. LOVE. I love mittens. I can't believe you made 50. I hope you sell every single mitten. They look great on that tree.

  5. They are lovely. And so original - I haven't seen anything like these before - but somehow still classic and timeless. I love them!


  6. Those are very cute! I am borrowing the spray painting idea. Why, oh why did I hand paint bunches of gingerbread men last year, when I could have sprayed them? Next time...

  7. These are adorable Holly. I just saw some of this twine and was wondering what to do with it - I think I'll just get some, incase I get time to produce something as cute as these.

  8. So cute and I'm sure they were great sellers. Thanks for sharing with Christmas in July.

  9. These are cute and easy to do. That is something i'll be looking for in the Holiday. ;)

    Happy Holidays,
    Marilyn @ Christmas decorating ideas