Thursday, January 23, 2014

Dive into Sunshine....

Hi Everyone!  After my mom told me she was redecorating her guest room with a beach theme, I decided to make her something special for her room.  So in between orders and getting ready for craft fairs, I painted a picture for her new room.
 My parents are Snowbirds in Florida during the winter....and they love it.  It wasn't a surprise that Mom wanted to bring some of that into her home.  I tried to come up with something fun and appropriate and then I saw an old advertisement for Florida that was my inspiration.
 It looks better in person.  In my haste to put the picture in my head down, I painted it on canvas board when I had meant for it to go a wooden board.  I had wanted to distress it and make it look old.  But unfortunately paint on canvas doesn't sand well.
 I had originally painted the frame white with a little turquoise coming through, but mom decided she'd rather have it red.  And it looks good in her Beach guest room.  I'll eventually get over the fact that it would look better distressed...but lesson learned.  Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I love that painting Holly! it's so cute. :) funny you share it while it's soooo durn cold here! 12° here! brrrrrr

    stay warm!


  2. That's really cute Holly, I love the shape of the diver, such a cute design.
    Never mind about the distressed frame, the client is always right !!!

  3. WOW. That is so cool. I love this so much. What a wonderful addition to your mom's guest room. Really cool!

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