Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Door wreath alternative...

Hi Everyone!  This weekend I was in one of my grain (storage) bins looking for something else, when I came across this picket fence welcome sign I had made a few years back that didn't sell.  So I brought it inside and made some chances to it.
I almost forgot to take a picture of it before I started working on it.  I remembered after I  started sanding the birdhouse.  It did say welcome on it, but the paint needed to be touched up so I sanded it and then repainted it and the pickets.  And this is what I ended up with.
 I painted just the face of the pickets white and repainted the birdhouse the same green color.
 Then hand-painted the Welcome and the flower on the birdhouse.
 I decided it needed a little bird so I cut one out and painted it blue.  Then added a sprig of apple green pip berries.
 And here it is hanging on my back door.
I like how it's been refreshed and the bird and berries were much needed additions.  I think I might have to keep this one.  But I will probably end up taking it to the craft fair at the end of the month.  Well, now I must head to the lumberyard so I can pick up some lumber for the supports for the benches I'm making today.  Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Holly,
    I just love your door decor... the fence with the birdhouse and birdie and flowers is just too cute.... you make adorable things... and I love them..


  2. You are so talented. This is beautiful! I came across your blog from Carri's Linky Party and so glad I did. I'm following. :)