Sunday, June 3, 2012

My new great finds....

Hi Everyone!  I hope your weekend is going well.  Yesterday I made a trip to a "junk" shop in a nearby town that my mother told me about and I have to show you what I got.
 They are old and dirty and heavy!
 This one is really heavy and large.
 This is a medium size one but I just love the way it looked.
 And this one has a wooden wheel on it.  It's my favorite.
But I love 'em all!  I spent a little more than I wanted to ($23 for all three of them), but I just couldn't leave them there on the floor.  We of course have some of these around the farm but they are all in service and I don't think my dad would appreciate it if I took them down.  

So now I have my own.
I also picked up this white, wooden frame for $3.00.  They had a lot of frames so now I know where I need to go when I'm looking for frames.  They also had the top of an antique mantel with a mirror in it that I just loved, but I wasn't sure how I would use it.  I'll have to do some thinking on it and if it's still there next time, it just might have to come home with me.  

Now I need to head out to the shop.  There are things to be done today!  Thanks for stopping by.

And don't forget about the All Star Block Party that begins Wednesday!  Click here for details.


  1. I have pulley envy now. I know just what I would do with them, so now that inspiration struck when I saw all three together I will be on the look out.


  2. great stuff holly! :)

    what cha gonna do with 'em?