Friday, June 29, 2012

Presents from Uncle Bill...

Hi Everyone!  I was at my parents, checking on my dad.  He's had a rough week after surgery.  I think he's finally rounded the corner and is doing better.  And when I got home, I found a present leaning up against the shop.  Look what my Uncle Bill left for me.....
 They are dirty and chippy and still have the hardware intact.
 I have wanted a few windows with more than four panes...
 ....and now I have four of them.....
Thanks Uncle Bill for the presents!

I just can't wait for a little cooler weather so I can get back out to the shop and get started working on these and all the other projects I have going.  I need to see about getting some air conditioning out there so I can work when I can instead of when the weather allows.  Because I am a wimp when it comes to heat.  I always have been.  As a little girl I used to pass out when I got too hot or I'd get nose bleeds when I was overheated and they wouldn't stop.  So I'm extra careful in the heat.  I can't wait for next week.  I have Tuesday off and since the 4th of July is Wednesday, I have that off too.  Two day off in a row...that doesn't happen very often for me.  But it's going to be hot.  I've been making my list of projects so I know exactly what I'm going to work on.  But first I figure out the air conditioning situation.  Have a great weekend everyone!  Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Nice gifts! Glad to hear your dad is feeling better!

  2. Wow, I wish I had an Uncle Bill like yours! Can't wait to see what you do with them. And, oh yes, stay out of this heat...too dangerous! I'm like you, I hate it. My head gets as red as a tomato when I get overheated...not pretty!

  3. Oh what a sweet gift! Hope you get that A/C thing figured out because I'm anxious to see what you do with these awesome pieces of wonderfulness!

  4. Love the windows. I can't wait to see what you do to them!


  5. Glad to hear your dad turned a corner in his recovery. Those windows are great. I can't wait to see what you do with them. Try and stay cool :)

  6. Lucky! Can I borrow your uncle Bill? I do hope your dad continues well on his way to recovery, glad to hear he's doing better already :)

  7. Oh that is a present! Lucky you. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I'm with you on the heat thing...can't wait to see what you do with these!

  8. Hooray for Uncle Bill. Hope your dad continues to get better.

  9. Wishing the best for your dad...hope it's all a breeze now. I can't take the heat, but you KNOW that. I've made plans to move all my gear to the basement shop. Starting tomorrow on a great project (I hope)
    great windows. I love free gifts like that!


  10. HI! I like your new blog header! We're having the same heat wave in Manassas- where are you? I tried to look through your tabs to see if I could find out, I see a horse sign with Doswell, VA on it, so you're not too terribly far from me. Good luck with the heat and getting back to your great projects! stay cool!

  11. Great features Holly!!!!

    I love them!


  12. I love them! I need an Uncle Bill :)