Thursday, June 28, 2012

We're havin' a heat wave...

...a tropical heat wave...the temperature's isn't surprising....she certainly can...can-can.....Boy is it hot out!  Hi Everyone!  I have this song going through my I had to share it with you!  I hate hot weather.  At least really hot weather.  There isn't any air movement either which makes it feel even worse. 

And do you know what hot weather is good for?......
 ....well on the farm.....
....this is what happens during hot weather...
 ....the grass was mowed Tuesday.....
 ....left to dry on Wednesday....
 ....raked this morning....
....and baled this afternoon....and now is being picked up and loaded as I write this.  And it's hot out.  And they are doing this on a tractor without a air conditioning...and no air's so hot out that it takes your breath away.  But it's done...well almost.
Have you been watching the Olympic Swim Trials that are going on in Omaha?  This is located about an hour from me.  Oh how I wish I could have attended.  Back in the day I was a swimmer.  My events were the 100 and 200 Butterfly, the 100, 200 and 500 Freestyle, and both relays.  I loved swimming and I love watching these trials and the Olympic hopefuls.  I can't wait for the Olympics.
Here's a peek at what I was working on Tuesday on my day off.  I didn't get it finished because I had to go to my parents to do my mom's hair and by the time I got back it was just too hot to work out in the shop.  This is the first thing I need to finish when I get out to the shop this weekend since it's for a client.  But I already think I'm going to change the top to something a bit wider.  I'm so glad I didn't attach it.  Be careful if you're in this heat wave.  Drink plenty of fluids and don't over stress yourself.  Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I'll try to send some west coast breezes your way!

  2. Heat wave here, too - but I do bet that hay smells good!

  3. I live in the tropics, so it is always hot! Keep cool.:)

  4. Holly, We have a heat wave in Georgia too. I can only imagine how hot a cab of a tractor must have been! Your project looks so interesting! I can't wait to see it when you've finished. Ty to stay cool!

  5. I don't like hot weather either. I hate to tell you it was 75 degrees here today and there was a nice breeze coming off the Lake Michigan. I hope it cools off for you! Laura

  6. We have the same weather here...and now, I have that same song in my head. It seems appropriate :). I guess like with the mailman, the same is true for farming, the weather will not stop you from getting the job done.

  7. Your fields look a lot like mine! Except we do round bails! Yes, this Missouri heat is stiffling!

  8. This was another one of those smell-a-posts, because I could smell that fresh cut hay.


  9. I feel so bad for anyone out working in this weather. It's sooo hot. We don't really have any humidity right now, but when it sets in, I won't leave the house. :)
    I like the smell of hay too!


  10. I hear ya Holly,
    Hotter than all get out here in southern Ohio..... temps over 100.. I have 4 pieces of furniture I want to paint and it's just too hot to go out to do it.. next weeks cool down is still mid to high 90's... I LOVE summer but not these hot hot temps.. I need to live in say like Hawaii where it's a balmy 78 all day... not too hot not too cold.... Okay I'll stop dreaming and get back to the AC... LOL
    Love the photo's of the farm...

  11. Hot? You said it. Love the plug you gave the Swim Trials in Omaha. I work at Mutual of Omaha and we sponsor USA Swimming. The trials are fun to watch on TV and incredible to see in person. I'm a new follower.

  12. I have hay envy (live in Florida). We're cutting too, but it doesn't look nearly that nice. Stay cool and safe in this heat. It is nothing to mess with.

    Stopping by from the All Star Block Party.