Thursday, July 12, 2012

Odin's stand...

Hi Everyone.  I finally had a chance to work out in the shop.  The heat has been unbearable but this week hasn't been that bad, although it was hot today and we desperately need rain.  My front yard is looking really bad.

I started on this project a few weeks ago, right before it got really hot out and I finally finished it tonight.  A client of mine called me a while back and asked me to build another stand like the two that I built for her a few years ago.  Only this one was not for her.  She was having it done for her grandson.  She wanted it built like the other two only this one in white and with his name on it.  I had to get the measurements from her because I didn't write them down from the last ones.  I never thought she'd want another one.
These are the sides of the stand.  I notched out the feet so it would be more stable.
Then I started putting it together using her dimensions with glue, nails to tack it in place until I could pre-drill for the screws.
Here it is after I put it together.
I filled the nail and screw holes and gave the whole thing a really good sanding using my orbital sander.
And then I brought it into the house to paint since it was too hot to work in the shop.
 I painted it with white latex paint.
 And buffed the flat surfaces.
 Last night I started the lettering of his name down one side.
 And I finished it tonight when I got home from work.  I know it's hard to tell in the picture, but the letters are hand painted in black with yellow gold outlining the letters.
Odin is a big University of Iowa Hawkeye fan (so am I) and wanted it painted to go in his Hawkeye room.  Now I just need to get it delivered.  I'm happy with the way it turned out and I hope my client and Odin are too.  Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. That is really an awesome are just so talented...


  2. Looks good! You go with those power tools girl! I've been trying to spray paint a couple of coats on something for days and the humidity is just too high!

  3. That turned out very cute! I really like it.

  4. That looks amazing. I can't believe you hand painted Odin onto it. You are really impressive.

  5. Nice job! Did you freehand those letters?

  6. You are one talented lady :). That turned out beautifully. Great job

  7. great job Holly! You do such a nice job hand painting. :) It's always nice to have return clients! :)

    have a great weekend,

  8. You did a great job. I love the lettering. Thanks so much for linking up to our Hot Fun in the Summertime link party.

  9. Beautifully done! Your shelf looks great and kudos on the hand painted letters. It takes skill to do it well and many just turn to rub ons or vinyl cut outs. Good job!

  10. You are so talented! Thanks for linking up at Doodles & Stitches. I wish I could build something like this!!!