Thursday, July 19, 2012

Studio in progress...

Hi Everyone!  It has been so hot out lately that I haven't been able to work out in the shop so my studio has progressed a little slower than I would have liked.  So I don't have anything "finished" to share with you.  But I thought I'd show you a few sneak peeks.
 One wall is painted blue and the other three are a grayish blue.
 I moved the large shutters I made to hide a walk through and put them so they flanked the large picture window.  And I really like them there.
 A small bookcase to store some of my more frequently used paints.
 This is part of the table leg that I made for the large table in the center of the room.
 And this is the other end.  I reused a small bookcase for the other end.
Another table. 

That's all I'm going to show you today.  I know it isn't much of a peek but I hope it peeked your interest a bit.  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Looking good! Can't wait to see the rest.

  2. you're teasing us Holly! :)

    anxious to see the whole room.


  3. I'm interested.... might peak me to make a studio of my own.


  4. It's looking great Holly! Can't wait to see the reveal :) I love all your inspiring ideas! So I’m giving you the “One Lovely Blog and Very Inspiring Blogger Award”. You can read more about it here: Congratulations!

  5. Looks like you are making great progress. And what a nice stash of Anne paints! Thanks for stopping by, Laura

  6. I agree that when it is hot, it is hard to be in a hot room! But it looks like a great start!

  7. Can't wait to see it all... I love the wood along the window....



  8. New follower from July's Blog Hop! Love for you to stop by and return the follow when you can! Hosting Mom's Monday Mingle. Love for you to link up!

  9. Can't wait to see the end product!
    Found you thru the blog hop! Following you! YAY!

    Ramblings of a Southern Belle

  10. ooh- This was fun to see your work in progress. You must be excited! Stopping by from the Monday Mingle hop!

  11. This looks awesome! I'm so glad I found you via the blog hop...we are big on repurposing here and I sew and craft too. Now following you and would love for you to follow back. All the best,