Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Serpentine dresser...

Hi Everyone!  I just got back from town and had to post this right away.  Yesterday on my lunch break I stopped in at my local Variety Shop...it use to be the Junk shop but it's under new management,  they've cleaned it up and now you can actually stand to go inside of it.  I stopped to check out the furniture.  There were several dressers that I would have loved to have, but one that I just HAD to have.  So this morning I went to my parents home and borrowed the truck....
 ...and this is what came home with me....
 ....isn't she lovely.....
 ...she's in pretty good shape....
 ...The top has a few water marks on it...
 ...Her feet are in great shape...but that knob needs a little help..nothing that a little Kwik wood can't fix...
...and the drawers need a little help...they stick a bit...but nothing that can't be fixed...
...and can you believe she only cost me $20...yep that's right...I said $20.  I have wanted one of these forever.  And I can't wait to make her over.  And yes, I will be keeping her when I'm done.  I have plans for her.  I needed something to go in the opening between my new studio space and my living room to set the t.v. on but that also provided storage and style.  And I think she will be perfect there.  That way the t.v. can swivel between the two spaces.  So what do you think?  Did I do good?  What color would you paint her?  Would you paint or stain the top?  Thanks for stopping by.

And don't forget to stop by later and link up to the All Star Block Party!  See you then!  Now I really need to get back to work on my studio space.  I need to have it mostly done as I am having company next week.


  1. That's just so gorgeous, we don't get many serpentine pieces in the UK - if we do, they are incredibly expensive. I would love to find a piece like this.
    I'm sure it will look great whatever you do to it !

  2. That is beautiful ....only $20,what a deal:)

  3. Girl you did awesome. Love the curves on the dresser and $20 is a steal! For the color I'm still in love with Duck Egg Blue ;) but anything would look great on that piece. Have fun can't wait to see what you do!

  4. wow Holly! I just saw one like this at the peddler's mall and it was $100.
    My mantra is --if it's a family piece don't paint it, but if not, it's no holds barred. However, after saying that, I would hate for you to paint this. lol If you do though, I love the top stained dark. :) ohh how pretty it will be regardless!
    great price!woohoo!

  5. 20 is a sweet sweet and amazin.....what a deal....Top stained dark..

  6. YEA, YOU DID GOOD. You did better than good. I can't believe you got that for $20!!! I can't wait to see what you do with it.

  7. You have one nice dresser on your hands. $20 bucks is a rockin' price too.

  8. Why would you want to paint that gorgeous wood? If it were ugly maybe, but the grain is so beautiful. Only one tree in this earth's history looked like that...why not find something a little less inherently valuable to paint?

  9. Watermarks can come out with out restaining. Try a really really fine grade steel wool. I would restore ... meaning clean, a little polish etc. Worst case you could try some Formsbys... It is a beautiful piece that stands on its own. I would not paint or stain. If you want to jazz it up, think about a great tablescape on top or something. Love that you got this for $20. ;)