Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Studio part two....

Hi Everyone!  I hope your week is going great.  I worked on my studio yesterday and I'm getting closer to being finished but I'm not there yet.  So no big reveal today, but I thought I'd show you a couple of the things I made on Sunday and finished hanging today.
 I took some 1x4's and cut them down and added some scrap trim pieces to the front to make ledges to hang some of my canvases and signs on.
 I made them in three different lengths and a two different sizes.
 Then I painted them the same as the wall color that they are going on so they wouldn't be the focal point.
 And hung them on the wall.  The screws go in the back of board so you don't see them.
 These two are on the short wall between two walkways.
 I wanted ledges instead of shelves so that the space still felt open and not closed in by the shelves yet uses all the vertical space.
 And then I hung some of my canvases here.....
 ...and here.

That's just a peak of my studio.  I hope to have more done this coming weekend.  I have orders that I need to make and ship and then I really need to get started on inventory for my fall fairs so I MUST get this finished.  It's really coming together and I'm getting so inspired by my studio, which after all is the point of it.  Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Your studio is looking great - love the ledges, such a great way to display stuff, and useful with your ever-changing stock !

  2. The ledges are a wonderful idea & look great!
    Good job!
    Can't wait to see your space when it's finished!!

  3. These look great! And I love the Columbia bike sign!

  4. the ledges are a super idea holly! :) I like how they look, and don't take up room.
    can't wait to see it all come together!

    stay cool!!!

  5. Perfect! I love how you have everything artfully displayed! What a great idea it keeps everything from getting dinged up. My workshop is a disaster, I can't wait to see yours.

  6. What a wonderful sneak peek. I love the ledges. I can't wait to see the big reveal.

  7. What a tease, what a tease! The ledges look great, I can't wait to see what else your up to. What an awesome way to display your canvases.

  8. Isn't it great when inspiration strikes....can't wait to see your finished space.

  9. Oh, man that is awesome! I just love this idea!!

  10. I like the ledges too. If you had full out shelves you would be like me and fill them up. This is nice and uncluttered. Good display while keeping it cleaned up.


  11. First of all, your art is amazing! I didn't realize that you were such a talented artist on top of everything else you do.

    Secondly, the ledges are a great idea.