Saturday, August 6, 2011

Birthday present for Mom...

Hi Everyone!  My mom's birthday was this week.  And even though she didn't feel good, we celebrated her birthday with a little gift party!  We'll do something else for her when she's back to her usual happy, fun self!  My mom had mentioned several months ago that she needed another footstool for the living room.  She had gotten one a few years ago, but my dad has sort of claimed that one for himself, thus leaving my mom with out one.  So I made her one.
I  had this stand between my love seat and recliner and it is just proportionally the wrong size.  And if you look closely at the bottom of the left leg, it has been chewed on by one of the puppies.  So I had an idea....
I cut the legs off from just above the stretcher making it almost 11 inches tall.  Which is the standard size of a footstool.
I painted it black to go with the accents in her living room.  And when my niece and I were shopping, I picked up some sage green, heavy duty fabric to upholster the top of the stool and some upholstery tacks.
You can see in this picture that I used the tacks on the underside of the top rather than stapling it.  I thought it would give it a cleaner look.

I gave it to my mom on Tuesday night and she was thrilled with it.  And my dad was happy too because now he didn't have to share the other footstool.  And I got to repurpose that small side table into something practical and nice and I still have the bottom part to work with...I wonder what that will become...?  Well, thanks for stopping!


  1. Great work! You made a lot of people happy with one gift!

  2. awww, what a sweet gesture! :)
    Happy belated birthday to your momma and I hope she's feeling much better by the time you read this!