Friday, May 11, 2012

Barn sash window cupboard...

Hi Everyone!  I hope you are all ready for a great weekend.  I plan on being out in the shop as much as possible because I have orders to fill!  YEAH!  And since it's Mother's Day on Sunday, I plan on spending some time with my mom.  I promised you a couple of days ago that I would share this little cupboard with you. 
Here's a little closer look at it at the craft fair.
I took this to the craft fair a few weeks ago but brought it home with me.  And I'm not sad that I did because I love it!  I don't think anyone really realized it was for sale since it had the soap dispensers in it.
I started with this.  It's a barn sash window that I shared with you a few weeks ago that my uncle Bill gave me for free.  He rescued it from going to the dump.  Let me tell you, it pays to have family that own the sanitation department in town.  This window was dirty.  I cleaned it up and found that it was in really good condition.  I don't know why anyone would throw this away.
I decided to make a hanging cupboard with it.  I started out with a box shape and put the shelf where it would line up with the muntin bar.  I secured the box together with glue, a few nails to tack it in place and the screws to really secure it together.
Then I sanded it and painted it white.  (Sorry I don't have anymore of the building pictures.  I was getting behind for the craft fair and forgot to take more pictures.)  I cut a piece of luan for the back and painted it a very light blue.
Then I added the window with three hinges.
I also had to paint the window.
Don't mind the paint job on the inside of the wasn't perfect and I didn't mind because if it had been painted a hundred times it wouldn't have been perfect either.  Well, that's my story anyway.
I added a little wooden knob that I painted white.  I thought I was done with it and as it was sitting in my living room, I liked it sitting on the floor so much that I had to readjust the base of it so it sat nice and sturdy.  (Again, sorry no pictures of that part.) 
Now it can either sit or be hung on the wall.
I really like this little cupboard.  I thought it looked so cute in my booth holding the vintage ball jars.  And I'm glad it came home with me.  I can enjoy it for a while longer.....  Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. I love that little window cupboard. I'm sure it will sell eventually but until then it's a great way to display your jars & things.

  2. Love what you did...great use of the window!

  3. Where did you put it at home?


  4. It came out very nice! That would be hard to sell! Now you can enjoy it for a little while longer!

  5. O I love this!! So fun! What a great idea to do with this great window!

  6. cute little window cupboard! :) great job Holly!


  7. So adorable .. you are so creative and so talented.. I'm always impressed with the amazing things you make and create.. everything an original.. just awesome!!! Just love it...


  8. This turned out nicely. I've been thinking about doing that with one of my old windows for years. Never got around to it. Maybe I should rethink that!

  9. This is lovely, who would have thought to do something like this with old windows!

  10. Wow! Very creative and so practical also ~ thanks, namaste, ^_^