Saturday, May 12, 2012

Twin headboard bench...

Hi Everyone!  I hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend.  When I get done working today, I plan on being out in the shop working on a bench for one of the guys I work with and getting started on making some wooden canvas'.  I love being busy.  Today I thought I would show you the twin bench I made for the Arbor Craft Fair that I attended last month. 
I love how this one turned out.  Here it is at the craft fair, waiting to go home with someone.  I decided to branch out of my normal benches and used a different color on the bench and different fabric.  I know it's difficult to tell because the seat is covered in plastic (to keep it clean) but it's black and cream and a very pretty green.
Here's what I started out with.  A bed set that my uncle Bill gave me.  In fact he gave me two sets...which is good because the style was very popular.  I started out by cutting out the center spindle on the footboard since it was in the way when I went to cut it in half.
I found the center of the footboard and drew a line across it.
I carefully cut the footboard apart on my miter saw, turning it around to cut both the top and bottom boards.
Then I built a frame and secured the footboard to the headboard using glue and screws.  And that's when I forgot to pick up the camera again.  I primed it and painted it almond.  I cut the seat out of plywood and upholstered it in my new favorite fabric.
I took it to the fair and got a lot of wonderful comments on it.  So many people looking at it and inquiring about it and taking my business card.  But it didn't sell on Saturday which actually surprised me.  But on Sunday, not more than 10 minutes after arriving, the gal that was running the show came up to me, very serious like and said, "Holly, I need to talk to you."  I thought she was going to tell me something bad or that I did something I shouldn't have....but instead she said, "I want that bench."  I almost starting laughing because she was so serious.  So I put a sold sign on it and she went to write me a check.  I headed to the truck to bring in a few more pieces including the ladder basket.  Which she also bought. 
One last look at the almond bench.  I can't wait to use it's twin to build a bench.  Isn't it sweet.  I know it went to a wonderful home.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and a nice Mother's Day.  I can't wait to give my mom her gift.  I'll share it with you tomorrow.  Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Love this one! The color is perfect.

  2. I love this bench.. it's just so pretty, I really really love this !!!


  3. You did a fabulous job Holly. Love how it turned out. That is so funny about the lady that purchased it. I would have thought something was wrong too :)

  4. It's soooo pretty. And, as a bed, it was soooo plain. Great repurpose. LOVE IT.

  5. So cute! I love how you turned an old headboard into a bench. Great idea!

  6. ohh, that is a sweet bench Holly! Can't wait to see what you're giving your mama!