Friday, June 22, 2012

An update on my dad....

Hello Everyone!  I want to begin by saying thank you so very much for your sweet comments and emails about my dad.  It means the world to me and my family that so many people that I only know through this blog are concerned for my dad!  Thank you for your prayers, good thoughts, and kind words!
So now on to the update.  My dad made it through surgery just fine.  In fact the surgery went so well that they didn't even have to take him to ICU like they thought they would.  His doctor said it was a textbook surgery.  They had absolutely no complications or surprises.  In fact it went so well that following the surgery, the doctor said he didn't see any reason that Dad couldn't go home in the morning.  WHAT?  Which is what my mother and I said back to the doctor.  Of course they won't make that determination until tomorrow but as long as there weren't any complications tonight, he should be home by tomorrow afternoon.
That sure beats the 3 to 5 day stay they initially started out saying.  And when we told my dad what the doctor said his response was, "You mean I might get to sleep in my own bed tomorrow night?...YES!"  So hopefully everything continues to go well tonight and they get to come home tomorrow.  Of course I have to work tomorrow morning so they will have to keep me notified so I know where to go tomorrow their house or back up to the hospital. 
I have felt all along that this surgery was going to go fine.  I kept telling my mother this morning as we waited that he was going to be fine.  I knew this.  I could feel this.  I knew that we had luck on our side.  We have been blessed through this entire process that I just knew deep in my soul that he was going to be fine.  It was a true blessing that the problem was initially found.  And then we were blessed that the blockage was found and fixed.  And I just knew that the aneurysm would be fixed without a problem.  Since he had had no symptoms and both problems were found before anything bad had happened, I knew this was going to go well.  I had faith. 
My brother and my dad at my brother's wedding.

Now I will head to bed, saying my prayers and thanking the Lord, and those wonderful doctors and nurses, that I am lucky enough to continue to have my dad in my life.  Thanks again for your kind words and good thoughts.  I am truly blessed. 


  1. So, so glad that everything went well with your dad's operation. I am sure you're going to have a great weekend now - wherever your Dad happens to lay his head tonight !

  2. Oh Holly,
    I am so thrilled your Dad did so well... Prayers are answered!!!!
    God Bless your entire family...


  3. So happy to hear your update. I am glad you found comfort in your faith and that everything went better than expected :)

  4. so happy to hear this fantastic news! :)
    Being far removed from the situation, but I too felt like all was going to go well.
    I wish your dad continued good health, and a quick recovery!


  5. How wonderful that your dad came through the surgery so well. I'm glad you can all sleep easier now.