Sunday, April 27, 2014

Custom hand painted signs.....

Hi Everyone!  While I've been busy working on the remodel of my kitchen, bath and laundry room, I've also been busy with orders.  Almost a dozen signs along with some other larger orders.  A few are signs I've made repeatedly and several are new, custom orders.
I was asked to make this sign based on the sign I usually make that says Faith, Family, Farming.
The same gal that bought the Faith, Family, Friends sign also requested this Get After It sign.  Both of these signs are painted on 24" long boards.

The next two signs were ordered by my boss's niece.  And I really like the way they turned out.
The family rules sign is painted on a wooden canvas that I built and is 12" x 36".  I painted the base dark brown then a top coat of tan.  Then lightly sanded it to reveal the brown.  Then the fun began.  I hand painted the words on.  I began with the Aust Family Rules and then the Love and worked my way up the sign so that I could get the spacing right.  That way if I ended up with a bunch of space it wouldn't look odd separating the Family Rules from the list of rules.  Then I lightly sanded the words.  Which is always difficult for me to do after hand painting all of those letters.  But it turned out looking pretty good.
And the second sign she ordered was this one.  She saw it in the Pottery Barn Kids catalog and asked me to recreate it.  I built the wooden canvas, it's 22" x 24" (it's not really pallet wood, just made to look like it), then mixed a custom blue/gray paint (it looks more blue in this picture) and hand painted the letters in white.  I think it turned out pretty well.  And best of all, my client was happy with them.

I have a couple of other signs to finish up that were ordered this past week, a couple of pieces of furniture to paint for one of favorite clients, a headboard bench to build for another client and lots of work to do on the house.  I'm making progress on the house.  I spent this week working on a plaster wall in the kitchen and finished that on Sunday morning.  Then started working on the built-in upper kitchen cabinets that my grandpa built and I'm keeping.  I'll share all the details soon.  Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. all great signs, but I have to say I love the family rules sign the most.... great job Holly!

    I can't wait to see pics of all the hard work you've been doing.


  2. I was just about to leave a message almost identical to the one above !
    Love the family rules sign, I've wanted to do some sort of subway art or sign like this for so long.
    I hope the work is going well and that you'll be able to share some more progress soon !

  3. Holly, I am not sure why it continues to surprise me...after all that I have seen you make and do BUT you continue to amaze me with your incredibly talent. These are all so beautiful. I can't believe the last one is on are amazing!

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  5. Just wanted to say you guys are doing an excellent job with relevant content and the frequency of your blog post! As a huge Office fan, this Office Sign is perfect. I have it hanging above my door and it looks great. The stickers on the back are super sticky so make sure that wherever you put it is where you want it to stay. Nice works!!!