Friday, July 22, 2011

Fluff and Fold....

Hi Everyone!  Happy Friday!  I hope everyone is surviving this heat.  My yard is starting to turn brown since we haven't had rain in 3 weeks and the heat has been terrible.  Last night I awoke to major thunder and lightening but no rain.  Not a drop.  And since I don't want to lose my entire yard, I think I will have to begin watering it at night. 

I want to share with you my latest sign.  Do you remember the antique ironing board that my Aunt Barb gave me?  It had two broken legs and I seriously thought about repairing them since I think this ironing board had belonged to my grandmother.  But I decided to make a laundry sign instead.
And this is what I came up with.  I started out by removing the broken legs and the hardware which was next to impossible as the bolts and nuts holding it together where stripped and the nuts were broken.  So I had to get my Dremel out, attach a cutting wheel to it and cut apart the bolts or cut the nut in half to remove it.
Then I glued and filled some cracks and sanded it down.  I thought about not painting the board itself because it had great patina on it, but after further investigation, there was some damage that needed repaired which meant I'd have to sand it.   And then there goes the patina, so I painted it.
I painted the base coat burnt sienna, then a topcoat of white.  Then I sanded it.
Next, I drew on the letters and then hand painted them in black.
And finally, I added the three hooks to the bottom of the sign.
The only thing I haven't done yet and can't decide if I will, is to sand the letters down and give them that aged look.  What do you think?
I wish I had an actual laundry room (my washer and dryer are in my unfinished basement that used to be the cellar until cement was added to most of the walls and the floor).  So it would not be enjoyed as I do not spend anymore time there then I have to.

Now the trivia question for the day:  What movie has a line in it about Fluff and Fold laundry?  Any ideas?  One character says to another, "Fluff and fold, buddy. Soon as I make it really big, I'm going fluff and fold.  I understand the fold but what's the fluff?"  The other character says, "That's what I write for the paper." 

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a great weekend and be careful out in the heat!


  1. Great laundry sign !!! I love the paint technique. Love the wording! Great idea to put the hooks!
    My laundry is in an unfinished basement too.

    ps I'll blog mine soon, maybe next week.

  2. St. Elmo's Fire!

    I "Love" your sign! But... I would not have anyplace to hang it either... my "Laundry room" is a closet sized space hiding behind 2 folding doors!

    Personally I like the letters the way they are.

  3. Wonderful sign! Love that it's on an old ironing board!

  4. St. Elmo's Fire is right! My friends and I would watch that movie in college when we should have been studying!

    My hat is off to Toqua's Crafts for knowing the answer!


  5. Love it! I think it would look nice with the letters sanded to age it. What a great idea!