Saturday, July 16, 2011

Recent finds...

Hi Everyone!  Happy Saturday!  I wanted to show you a couple of recent freebies that were given to me.  My uncle Bill, okay he's really not my uncle.  He's my mom's cousin, or my grandfather's nephew, but he's always been close to my grandfather and thus seemed more like uncle then cousin.  Anyway, he came across this  headboard at a "junk" shop and bought it for $3.  He thought I could use it to make one of my headboard benches.  I have another headboard that has the same shape, but without the iron insert that would look good married with this one.
 These headboards and footboards are actually bunk beds also courtesy of my uncle Bill!  He rescued them from going to the landfill.  My uncle Bill used to run the sanitation company which he bought from his father Ivan.  Then when Uncle Bill was ready to retire he sold the business to his son Jerry.  So I guess you could say I come from a long line of "junkers".  Cousin Jerry and Uncle Bill are always on the look out for things they think I might be able to use.  So I guess I have an "in" in the junk world around here.  Thanks for the headboards Uncle Bill!
They need cleaned up and one of the top boards is cracked but can easily be repaired.  So I have a lot of work to do.  Unfortunately it's hot here.  The heat index on Friday was 105 degrees and it's to be that hot all weekend.  And unfortunately I don't have air conditioning out in the shop.  So, unless I can take it into the house to work on, not much is going to get done.  Last year when it was so hot out I actually did build three benches in my living room.  I'd take a list of measurements out to the shop, cut all that I could and then carry them back into the house and put it all together on my living room floor.  Then move the finished pieces back out to the shop for sanding and painting.  I'm not really wanting to do that this year, but I have two back to back craft fairs coming up so I just might have to turn my living room into a building zone.  Well, have a great weekend!  Be careful for the heat!  Thanks for stopping by.

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