Saturday, January 21, 2012

Baby it's cold outside and more felt...

Hi Everyone!  I wanted to start by saying it's COLD out.  Although it's not as bad today as it's been, it's still too cold to work out in the shop.  And even though I do have a furnace out there, it's not as air tight of a building as it would need to be in this kind of weather.  Plus the furnace is old and I don't think it could keep up.  And there's nothing worse than standing on a cold concrete floor when the air around you is cool.  So that being said, unless I bring it inside, there won't be much building going on this weekend.  And I'm really itching to build something.  So we'll see what happens.

It's a great weekend to stay inside and cuddle up to a fireplace (wishing I had one-I'll take this one) with a good book or some movies and loved ones.  I do have a book I'd like to read and my dogs would love to cuddle together with me on the maybe I'll just have to try to fit that in.

I want to show you what I started working on last night.  I'm not sure where I'm going with it yet.
 I found this canvas in my stash of goodies that I hadn't used yet.  I can't even remember what I originally bought it for, but it might have been a left over one since they come several to a pack.  I painted it Country Tan so that the white wouldn't peek through the fabric.  I decided to cover it in burlap.

So far easy and I liked where it was going.
 So continuing with my addiction, I got out my extra felt flowers. There are actually three different shades going on here, a white, a light cream and a beige color.  I arranged them on the board. 
 I thought about adding stems made out of jute....but are there too many flowers???
So I pulled out one of my red felt birds and added that.  It definitely needs a bit of color.  So this is when I got stuck and decided to put it away.  Maybe it I turn it long ways....What would you do with it?  Any ideas?  Anyone...I'm going to take another pass at it either today or tomorrow.  Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Holly, You're the BESTEST encourager EVER!!! Thanks LOTS friend! I LOVE your felt art and adore your sweet little bird!!! XO, Aimee