Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hanging a shelf...

Hi Everyone!  Happy Sunday.  I promised I would show you how to hang this bad boy.  I designed this shelf so that the screws to hanging it are hidden behind all the important things that will go on the shelf.  And even though this is a whopper of a shelf, I am able to hang it without any help and without any trouble.  It's easy.
So I went yesterday to the shop to hang the shelf in this space.
 First I need to find the studs using a stud finder.  I mark the wall in pencil and then hold the shelf up where I want to hang it and transfer those marks on to the upper portion of the shelf, the back.  Not the backside but the board that is above the shelf, opposite the board that has the hooks.  Crystal clear right?  (I keep reading it and the wording doesn't seem right).
Then I pre-drill counter sunk holes into the board and start the screws without letting them stick out on the backside.
 Next I hold the shelf up where I want it and screw in one screw all the way in but not tight.  In this picture, only one screw has been put into the stud and the others are just started into the board.  Then I put the level on it and am able to move the shelf up or down depending on the bubble in the level.
Once it's level, I use my drill to sink all the screws in until it's nice and tight.  And that's all there is to it.  Since this shelf is 4 feet long, there are three sets of two screws in each stud, especially since I know my customer is going to be putting hair products on that shelf.
Here's a look at the other shelves I made, sold and hung in this shop.  This one has a cork board on the lower portion so she could hang pictures and notes on it instead of hooks.
 This one, like the one I just hung has hooks.
And that's how I hang that type of shelf.  Any questions?  It really is easy.  Thanks for stopping by.  Have a great rest of the weekend.

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