Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign....

Hi Everyone!  I know it's not a major milestone, but I hit 50 followers a little while back, which seems like a bunch to me since I've only been doing this since the end of February.  Every time I get a new follower I get so excited!  And since I've been lucky enough to win a couple of giveaways, I thought I'd give back to this blogging community that I so dearly love!  I am giving away one of my signs as a thanks for embracing my little blog and always making me feel good about the things I've made.  
 These are a few signs that I've made that aren't currently in the Etsy shop but that I've posted about on the blog.

Since this is a thank you for being a follower, then in order to win you need to be a follower.  That will get you one entry.  For an additional entry, head over to my Etsy shop and take a look around and let me know what your favorite sign is.  And for additional entries, promote it on your blog, Facebook, or Twitter then leave me a comment on what you did. 
And since I can't decide on which sign to put up for the giveaway, I've decided that it will be winners choice.  You can choose from any of the signs in this post or that are for sale in my Etsy shop.  I will announce the winner one week from today, Sunday July 10th.  Good luck to everyone and thanks for stopping by.


  1. Congratulations on reaching 50! I did too a couple of days ago - such a great feeling! Race you to 100? lol Your signs are gorgeous. Anna x

  2. I find it nearly impossible to choose a favorite...the honey sign? fresh eggs? then there are the ones with the cute the happy day and the be happy ones. You do great work. If I have to choose...I guess I'll go with 'be happy!"

  3. CONGRATS!!! I just hit 48 the other day..and yeah, I get all giddy to!!! Count me in, I've been loving your stuff for a while!

  4. yay! 50 followers! :)
    I love ALL of your signs.
    count me in!

  5. My favorite in the shop is Amazing Grace!