Friday, July 12, 2013

A welcome fence sign and a need for new inventory....

Hi Everyone!  Did you see that I have a new banner?  A very nice and sweet friend made it for me and sent it to me.  She had been inspired to create it for me after seeing the t-shirts I made with the new logo,  but didn't want the credit for I won't mention who it was but I will say, thank you very much friend!

Today I want to show you the welcome sign and fence I made for my cousin Gayle.  My Aunt Barb ordered it for Gayle's birthday.  I finished it up just an hour before my Aunt Barb (the free stuff fairy) showed up to deliver all the great free things she brought me last month, so I didn't get any pictures of it.  I had to wait until it had been given to Gayle before I could get any pictures.
I built the fence, painted it in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White and then distressed it.  No wax since it was going outside.  I made the two birdhouses out of cedar and the roofs of the birdhouses are from little cedar fencing.  I hand painted the welcome sign on a cedar board that was painted with ASCP in Old White and then put a sealer on it.  And both my Aunt Barb and the birthday gal, Gayle loved it.

Yesterday I had a mini-Open House at the Studio and.... I have big holes in my inventory that I need to fill.  
 Which means I will be busy in the shop this weekend.
Lots of holes to fill now...something I really don't mind fact I can't wait to start building new things.  So what plans do you have this weekend?  Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I did notice your new banner on the blog. It looks great...your friend did a beautiful job. The welcome sign is great. What a fun gift to get. I am sure your cousin loved it. And, I am positive you'll have fun making something creative and beautiful to fill all the holes in your shop. Congratulations on your success yesterday.

    1. Thanks so much. Sometimes it is hard to see items go but yesterday was not one of those days. I can not wait to get started, despite the heat.

  2. I'll be working all weekend unfortunately, in a hot and busy café !
    It looks like you're going to be pretty busy, replenishing the stock, and I think an American flag would look great outside the studio !
    Great header and fence sign also Holly - have a good weekend, don't work too hard !

  3. Supply and demand, and more demand means more $$ in Holly's pocket.


  4. I love this welcome sign. It's a perfect way to greet guests.

    happy you need to fill some holes in the shop.