Saturday, July 13, 2013

At the farm...

Hi Everyone!  I hope you have wonderful plans for this weekend.  I'm planning on getting some work done in the shop.  So hopefully I'll have plenty of things to share with you next week.  But today I thought I'd show you a couple of things going on at the farm.
 It's hay time!  What a beautiful sight!
 In fact, it's past hay time.  Each time they were ready to cut the hay it rained but yesterday they were able to cut and rake the hay.  Now it just needs to dry and then it can be baled.
 And while I was out with the dogs last evening, I saw this mom and her baby in the hay field.  By the time I had gotten the camera, they had moved to the road.
 The baby is young and little and was moving very tentatively on it's legs.  I have seen the mom in the pasture the last month or so but never got to see the baby due to the high grass.
 Here she is waiting for the baby to cross the road and deep ditch to join her in the field across the road.
 I'm guessing mom wasn't too happy when the pasture was cut was a great place to hid a baby...
...and there they are back together in the bean field across the road.  It was fun to watch them together.  Sorry the pictures aren't any better but I wasn't able to get any closer.  Any interesting critters outside your door lately?  Well, now I need to get out to the shop, it's going to be hot today.  Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I don't have any amazing views like you, or any wonderful wildlife to admire in the garden, there's just a couple of cats who like to come and tease my dog !!

  2. awww how sweet are the mom and baby. no views, and only wildlife around here are possums and raccoons.

    hope the hay is bailed really soon.

  3. What an amazing view to have outside you window, you are a very lucky lady! Love the deer and baby.

  4. What a beautiful scene to have come upon. I love that you were able to get pictures of that mama and her baby.