Monday, July 15, 2013

A ladder and making hay...

Hi Everyone!  I hope your weekend was great and your week is off to a grand start!  I worked out in the shop this weekend (which is always good) but I didn't get enough done.  So today I'm just going to show you the little ladder I picked up on Saturday.
 I went to Weston Primitive Company's Open House on Saturday and picked up this great little ladder.  It's a great color and size.
I love that it's a two-sided step ladder, meaning that the steps are the same on both sides.  It's the perfect ladder for creating shelves.  By putting boards across the steps it becomes an instant shelf which will be great for taking to my showings and creating vertical show space by placing it on top of  a table.
 And they came Sunday morning and turn the hay and raked it into bigger piles....
 ....really big piles....

 And then they came back Sunday evening and started to bale it.  They baled most of it in these giant square bales...
.....but they ran out of daylight and we think they are going to do the part in the second hay picture in small square bales because it's the better hay for feeding horses. 
 So hopefully they will be back today to finish.  Anything exciting happen at your place this weekend?  Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I would have picked up that sweet little ladder too. Awesome pics of the farm scenery!

  2. We are baling hay too! Lots of it. And now we are starting on the straw. Farm work is never done. Terrible in this heat too. But I will say, I have a nice tan. :)
    I love that little ladder.

  3. Great ladder and beautiful pictures of the farm and the hale bales getting bigger and bigger.

  4. No fun this weekend, just work, work, work in extreme heat because the weather in the UK is crazily warm. I would love to go to some boot fairs and find a cute ladder like this, they are on my 'want' list !

  5. yay for the little ladder... I don't think I've ever seen one with steps on both sides.

    I have a step ladder that I got last year (or was it the year before?) It was too new looking, so I've left it out in the driveway. It's sort of my "office" it holds my phone/camera/radio etc while I'm out there working. Thinking I need to paint it now, and leave it out there to let the paint wear off. LOL

    hope the hay is done by now! :)