Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Full Circle Creations t-shirts....

Hi Everyone!  I thought today I'd show you the t-shirts I designed and had made for the Open House for my Studio space.  I had them printed up for all of my helpers as a thank-you and to wear for the Open House.  I went online and used Custom Ink's website to design and print them.  It was easy and fast.  (This is not a sponsored ad just something I did and thought I'd share.)
 This is not my normal logo.  I had to change my normal logo because the circle just didn't look right on it no matter where I put it on the shirt.  And since I couldn't get it to look right, I changed it up by turning it on it's side and cutting off the circle.
 I know the dark grey is kind of dull but I like it.  It reminds me of chalkboard art.
It would look great on other colors.  I like the new logo so much I just might have to change my business cards, blog, Etsy shop, and web-site banners...but that's a lot of things to change, so I might just start by adding the new logo here and there and gradually change things up.  Have you ever had t-shirts printed?  Well, thanks for stopping by.


  1. No, but I love this, the design is really great, and I love the dark grey too. You should put some of these on etsy !

  2. I used the same company, CustomInk, to order t-shirts for my BarnQuiltStore. We wear them to art festivals and whenever we deliver barn quilts to our customers. CustomInk has to be one of the most customer service oriented companies I have ever used! Their reps are very knowledgeable and extremely pleasant!! We LOVE our shirts!

  3. I love these. Kind of a blessing in disguise that the logo didn't work or look right because the new one looks AMAZING. I vote for slowly converting over to the new one. Great job.

  4. I did notice your banner a couple of nights ago. I was using a friend's tablet, and I thought I had typed in the wrong url. :) It looks really nice, kudos to your friend.
    great job on the t-shirts. good idea for the helpers.

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  6. This is fantastic the design is fantastic, and I love the dark grey color. You should take a look at some california t-shirt manufacturers
    for your business startup.