Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Recent finds...

Hi Everyone!  I have the best Mom!  She went shopping in a near by town and picked up a couple of items for me.  So today's recent finds are a half gallon blue ball jar (sorry no picture), a headboard and foot board and a stool.
 I love this twin bed set.
 It is super heavy and solid.  And doesn't it have great lines!
 I can't wait to turn it into a bench.
 This wooden stool is in great shape...but the vinyl seat cover, not so much.
 The legs are solid and in wonderful shape.  I can see it painted a bold color.
 The seat is wooden and I'm thinking it needs to be stained with a graphic maybe?
It's a sturdy stool and was only $4.00.  Great finds Mom!  Thanks so much!  What would you do with these?  Have you had any great finds lately?  Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I stopped in a favorite thrift store today, zipped around for about 6 minutes.... and left. They had a good sale, but I had seen 90% of the stuff already.
    great bed! Love the lines!

    good price on that stool... way to go mom, staying under gail's $5 limit! :)

  2. Your sweet mom is always thinking of you, isn't she? What great finds. I ironically just painted some stools of my own and I was thinking graphic. I hope that's what you decide to do so I can figure out how to do it!!!

  3. I haven't picked up anything recently because I just can't stop 'playing' in the garden !
    I don't have your mad skills to turn a head board into a bench but I would definitely paint the stool a pretty colour.

  4. What great finds! Your Mom is wonderful and it is wonderful that you and she have these wonderful times collecting and creating together. Not only are you creating great things, you are making lasting memories!!!